Saturday, May 20, 2017

What to Wear: Wedding Guest Edition

Salaam all!
Yesss, its been a while! This past year has been quite busy with my daughter and recently starting a new job. I am trying to get back into it isA. Wedding season is upon us so I figure I would give some ideas on different outfits for all different types of weddings and styles. 

1. Simple Elegance
Dress: Louella 
I love this dress from Louella. This looks great on anybody and also really comfortable to wear. Check out some of their other dresses. 

2. Flowy Abaya

Dress: Inayah
I wore this dress to my friends wedding last summer. I added a necklace and paired it with a black hijab. I love the way it draped and fit!

3. Pop of Color
Palazzo Pants: Zara
Who says you can't wear pants to a wedding? I loved these palazzo pants from Zara from a few years ago and they still continue to stay in my closet. I paired it with a peplum top and gold belt. 

4. Draped
Dress: Inayah
Sometimes with a simple dress, its always fun to play with jewelry. I loved this Inayah dress, especially this color. I wore a gorgeous pearl headpiece for more of a wedding feel. They have the best selection of dresses form casual to formal wear. Can never go wrong with Inayah!

5. Traditional

Lastly, what I usually wear to most of my weddings-- traditional wear. The hardest part about designing clothes for myself was finding a matching hijab. I typically don't match my hijab to my outfit but I make an exception for desi clothes. I'll try do wear the more neutral color in the outfit since I'm not fond of wearing bright colors. 

Hope you enjoyed this post!
with love,

Sunday, December 18, 2016

Safa's Classic Pooh First Birthday

I cannot believe my daughter, Safa already is 1 years old! We celebrated her actual birthday at home just me, her and Shayan. This past weekend we had a small party with our closest family and friends. I jumped around with a few ideas but ended up doing a Rustic, Winnie the Pooh inspired theme. It was similar to my boho baby shower but wanted to make it feel like a first birthday. It was so easy to put together and hope I can give you some inspiration too!

Ballons: Party City // Frame, Pot: IKEA // S and Plates: TJ Maxx // Teddy Bears: Amazon //  Tree & Menu Board: Target Garlands: Hobby Lobby
For the dessert table, I kept everything simple and clean with white plates and rustic accents. I added some Winnie the Pooh details with Pooh and Tigger stuffed animals, a quote from Winnie the Pooh in a frame and Hunny Pots I painted myself. I added some greenery with fake succulents, hanging leaves backdrop and a mini tree. The backdrop I made from garlands from Hobby Lobby which i hung with twine from a branch from my backdrop. The letter S and red plates are from TJ Maxx; the Menu board and mini tree are from Target and the frame and Hunny pots are from IKEA. The balloons are so in right now and decided it be a easy add on to bring everything together. Most desserts we either bought or made at home. My friend, Fatima made this beautiful Naked Cake for me!


These centerpieces were so easy to make! I got these terra cotta pots from IKEA for 2.99 and painted them to mimic the Hunny pots from Winnie the Pooh. I added some fresh baby breath to bring in some greenery. The frames are also from IKEA that were only 1.99. The mini honey jars I bought in bulk of 12 from Amazon. The table runners are actually table covers I cut in half that are also from Amazon. My favorite part was the frame with the quotes from Winnie the Pooh. I found all these free printables on Pinterest! A super easy centerpiece. This all came out to about 10 dollars for each table. 


For the party favors, I continued the Hunny Pot Theme. I also painted these. I only made about 20 of them for the little kids. I bought these Terra Cotta Pots in bulk from Amazon as well. For the older kids I made regular goody bags with candy. In the Hunny Pots I included crayons, coloring pages, candy and some little toys. We printed the thank you tags at home as well. Each party favor came out to about 5 dollars!

I found this chalk sign from Joanna Fabric on sale for only 6 bucks! It was exactly what I need for the  100 Aker Woods Sign!!

I added some more Wiinie the Pooh details with a map of 100 Akre Woods which included Safa's One Year Milestones and Favorite Things! I definitely couldn't forge the solo red balloon!

I made a monthly banner garland of Safa's past year. All you need is twine, clothespins and the actual pictures. 

The party came out exactly as I wanted. Safa was a champ mashAllah and stayed awake and in a good mood the whole time! We really appreciated everyone coming out to celebrate with us. Safa is loved by so many amazing people. Hope you all get some inspo!

With Love,

Sunday, October 16, 2016

Falling for Culottes

Culottes: Uniqlo // Shawl: H&M // Scarf: Diamentene Scarves
Fall is heeeeeereeeeee!! We can all collectively agree this is the best season. Leaves changing colors, pumpkin everything, fall activities and most importantly fall fashion!! This time of the year is just so beautiful and calm. My favorite part are the rustic colors. There's quite a few trends this season but culottes have to be my favorite. Why? Because they go with everything and for every body shape! Here are some different ways to style culottes for Fall!

Culottes: Uniqlo // Shawl: H&M // Scarf: Diamentene Scarves
Don't be afraid to wear a loose top with culottes. It's all about accentuating the right parts without looking frumpy. Surprisingly, I like this outfit the most on me. The wide waist band on the culottes emphasizes my smaller waist while the pleating and lines on the shawl give me length. If you have shorter culottes, this would be super cute with fitted boots too.

Culottes: Zara // Top: H&M // Scarf: Forever 21 // Shoes: TJ Maxx
 This is the easiest way to wear culottes: with a tucked in blouse. These fun striped culottes are from Zara. Thank god for being short or else these would of been way to high for me. I decided to wear it with a simple loose blouse and pointed heels. Even though culottes can cut you off these vertical lines add some height. 

Culottes: Uniqlo // Top: H&M // Bag: Forever 21 // Scarf: Inayah
 Another way to wear these versatile bottoms is with a long slit shirt just enough for the culottes to stick out. Reminds me more of my Pakistani kurt's. This look is especially good for my short girls!

Culottes: Uniqlo // Jean Jacket: TJ Maxx // Shoes: Zara // Bag: Vera Bradley // Scarf: Sootarra
Culottes with sneakers? Why not! This sporty look is always in. I paired it with a jean jacket and Vera Bradley backpack. You can also do a leather jacket too. 

Culotes: Zara (old) // Top: Zara // Shoes: Call it Spring
 Last but not least is more a fancy look for my preggers! I wore this when I was 25 weeks pregnant. Both top and bottom are from Zara. The stretchy waist band and flowy top were perfect for a growing belly!

Don't be afraid to try different tops and lengths with culottes. My favorite part is that they are the comfiest pants ever!! I wear them casually running errands, out for brunch and even to work with a cute blazer! Definitely get these for this fall :)

with love,

Sunday, June 12, 2016

5 Different Abayas for Ramadan

Ramadan is here and I have the perfect--well 5 perfect abayas for you! Ramadan is really about focusing on yourself and your connection with God. So needless to say you don't really have time to dress up and think about what to wear. I have found 5 amazing abayas and dresses that combine comfort and style and are both wearable and durable. They are all catered to a different type of women of all styles and ages! I personally love all of them. 

1. Inayah's Side Split
Dress: Inayah // Scarf: Inayah // Jeans: Forever 21 // Bag: Forever 21 // Shoes: Nine West // 
This is by far my favorite! There is not one article of clothing from Inayah I do not like. If I could, I would buy out the whole website! This dress above with slits is comfortable and really light. With Ramadan in the summer, lightweight material is on the top of my list. Inayah also has more stylish abayas if you have any events you need to attend. 

Some of my other favorites:

2. Sootarra's Flowy Elegance
Top & Hijab: Sootarra // Sandals: TJ Maxx / Bag: Zara 
Hi Lo Top
This dress is definitely carries more style then anything else, however, it is perfect for those Ramadan iftars! Definitely throw this on for an iftar party at a friends house and it can easily transition for tarawih at the masjid. It is a statement piece by itself that you don't need to add much to it. Check out more of their amazing pieces. Andddd it has pockets!
Another favorite: Maxi Dress

3. BulBul's Traditional Abayah
We all need a traditional black abaya. I've had this one for years from BulBul Clothing. This is more of a local gem in NJ owned by my dear friend Khadijah. If you're even in the area, definitely check out her charming store in Somerset, NJ! This is my go to abayah on those super lazy nights. The site is currently under construction but will be back shortly!

4. Ahfif's Chic Cover Up
Cover Up
I just bought this beautiful abaya cover up from Ahfif but haven't got a chance to wear it. You'll definitely be seeing this on my insta soon! Sometimes when going to the masjid, I like being simple and covering those dressy desi clothes. This is the perfect cover up instead having to throw a close abaya on top.

5. Aabideen's Pocketed Classic

This last abaya is modern yet functional! It actually has pockets. I usually hate bringing my purse to tarawih so this is ideal for my phone and keys. It's really comfortable and nursing friendly too! They don't have this print anymore but they have many in similar styles! Check them out.

Hope you liked my picks!
What are some of your favorites?

<3 Sania

Monday, May 23, 2016

Midi Obsession

Dress: H&M // Jeans & Bag: Forever 21 // Shoes: Zara // Scarf: Aldo // Jacket: She Inside // Watch: Daniel Wellington
One item you'll definitely see me wearing this spring and summer is the midi dress! They're really comfortable and most importantly very modest. After the baby, it's been hard adjusting and losing weight so this dress is my go to piece. They can be styled really easily too. I usually wear this with boyfriend jeans or tights. When it is a little chilly I like to throw on a leather jacket or even a duster coat. I love layering with a trench or duster coat cause it gives an illusion of looking taller too--which is key for my short 5'2 self, lol. Here are some of my other looks with my midi obsession!

Dress: Zara // Jeans: Forever 21 // Scarf: Zara

Dress & Shoes: Target // Bag: Zara // Bag: Boohoo

Dress & Bag & Shoes: Zara // Jeans: Forever 21 
with love,

Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Safa's Arabic Alphabet Aqeeqah

This past weekend we hosted my daughters aqeeqah party. Usually it is done immediately after the birth of the baby but we chose to hold off and do it when she was about 3 months. Alhamd it was a beautiful event. I wanted to share with you all the details of the party and how I decorated on a low budget! It actually was really easy but of course took a lot of my time mainly because I have a newborn at home. This really could be done in a weeks time. The theme I chose was an Arabic Alphabet theme that I came up with after seeing "monogram" theme parties on pinterest. I was really excited when I came up with it since it really wasn't don't before. 


So for the backdrop I kept it pretty simple since the desserts would be the main show. I bought his frame from IKEA in white and painted it gold. I painted Safa's name myself in Arabic by copying a picture I found online. I then used table covers and taped them to the wall for the background. I then used IKEA curtains to finish it off. To add some color, we added flowers to tie back the curtains and balloons on the sides. 

Backdrop Cost: $70
 24.99 (IKEA Frame) + 8.99 (Costco Table Covers) + 19.99 (4 IKEA Curtains) + 15 (Paint & Other Accessories) 

Dessert Table

I chose to go with a pink, white and gold theme with a hint of polka dots. So first the actual desserts. I got the cake made from a friend. Cupcakes and cake pops were from Sweet Escape Cakes. Cookies were from Top That Cookie (they finished in seconds!) I also made extra cupcakes with my sister in law to fill the table. We also made chocolate covered pretzels. Lastly, I added some jars of candy. Most of the plates, jars and cake holder my mom already had at home (somehow moms have everything, yay!). We made the cake pop holders with styrofoam and gold wrapping paper. The desserts were definitely the items I splurged on--only because with a newborn I wouldn't be able to make everything myself. 

Dessert Table Cost: $500
400 (Desserts) + Plates & Containers (50) + Other Accessories (50)



Last but not least and the most fun to do were the centerpieces! We had 25 tables so the Arabic Alphabet was perfect! I painted each vase with an Arabic letter and polka dots. I saved some money by buying these plant holders from IKEA vs. actual vases that would of been way more expensive. The mason jars I used elmers glue and glitter on the inside instead of the outside. I liked it better inside as there was less of a mess everywhere! I bought fake flowers from Michaels. Normally each flower bunch is 6.99 but I waited for the sale when they were 40% off and used coupons buying only a few at a time. Yes, sounds painful but definitely saved a lot! I also got table runners from Pakistan for really cheap as it was just fabric cut into pieces. In each frame I found a word with each letter and matched a hadith or Ayah with it. For above, I did Saad is for Safa. "Indeed As-Safa and Al-Marwa are among the signs of Allah (2:158)".

Centerpieces Cost: $335 ($13.5 per table)
70 (IKEA Plant Vases) + $20 (Mason Jars) + 33 (Frames) + 75 (Michaels Flowers) + 7- Table Covers + 65 (Table Runners)


Hope you liked it :)